Reasons Your Cashier Hates You

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Even though I get the same thing each morning at Starbucks, it tastes different every time.

And I absolutely HATE it when it tastes like the son of God one day, and then Satan’s asshole the next.

Come on baristas… Don’t half-ass it.

Like, the entire…

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Anonymous asked: There's a sign in my workplace that says if we "talk badly" about our workplace online we'll get fired. I'm paranoid.



This is why I’m Timmy’s Dad online. Much harder to figure me out.

Please don’t try though. I’m sure it could be done.

Oh Hi there neighbor!

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2 for $5

Hello, are you a memb-
These are 2 for $5!! *dumps 10 caulks on my counter*
..... Are you a member with u-
Are these 2 for $5?! It says 2 for $5!!
Excuse me, you need to tell me if you're a member or not, then I'll check that.
Well there's a sign back there that says they're 2 for $5 so there's nothing to check!
..... (omg.. there's no way to describe the rage).. ok, that's fine, answer me though, are you a member with us?
No! Now scan these!
*begrudgingly scans them, and they come up as $2.50 each*
NO! No that's wrong!! They're 2 for $5!! You guys NEVER have your signs right! It's a pain in the ass to shop here!!
EXCUSE ME! Let's do some math okay? What is $2.50 plus $2.50?
It's not 2 for $5!!
............ *deep breath* $2.50 plus $2.50 is $5.00. So it is 2 for $5.
..... oooh. Thanks for doing the math for me.
((DAMN!! It's like people enter the store and expect everyone else to think for them!))

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For the love of Pete

Now, I feel I have a fair amount of patience. I understand when someone’s second language is English and it can be hard to communicate.

Yesterday a woman came up to my register (when I was covering for a cashier) to return a book. She didn’t have a receipt and said it was a gift.

I told her we can’t take returns without a receipt but we can do an exchange for equal or greater value. She didn’t understand. I explained it again using different words and she understood, but said “No I want to return, my son already has”. I told her I could ask a manager but we can only do an exchange.

So I called the MOD and he told me word for word what I told the customer. I hung up and said, “Sorry but we can’t return it but we can do an exchange of equal or greater value.” and she asked, “So I can return?”

What did I just say?? NO!

I told her again, and by this time a line was forming. I told her to see if she can get the receipt or bring her son with her so he can pick out what he wants. She asked for my name, and I told her. I also told her I’m not up there too often so if she comes back she will be dealing with another cashier.

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I had four people try to pay with Starbucks cards today. One had cash. Two left after I told them we can’t take Starbucks cards and the last one was my favorite.

This guy….he asked about our sandwiches, if we had (some breakfast sandwich Starbucks has) and I politely inform him we aren’t a Starbucks and all of our food items are in the display case. I even offered the Cheesecake Factory cheesecake we carry, to emphasize we are NOT a Starbucks. He orders a Grande Pike. It took me a minute, and said “Oh brewed coffee.” He was like, “yeah that’s what I said” and I politely told him Pike was all we had anyways since we don’t have the blonde roast or a dark since we aren’t Starbucks.

Totally fine, he slides his card. I grabbed a cup for his coffee and looked at the screen before I poured it. The screen said something about the tender not being found or something so I asked him to slide it again. He did and the same message appeared.

It was a fucking gold card (we have a sign taped to the card reader itself that says we can’t take Starbucks cards). I said, “Sir we are not a Starbucks so we can’t take their cards.” He went on about the sign outside and how we have their drinks, and I politely informed him the sign says “Proudly Serving” over the Starbucks logo, but I would be happy to take another form of payment. He said never mind and stormed off. I saw cash and credit cards in his wallet.

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we love you when you say “hold on, let me call you back. i’m going to pay” when you’re on the phone about to make a purchase. 

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Anonymous asked: There was a big debacle at my store concerning phone numbers. This hella creepy man paid a barista two hundred bucks to give him the phone number of a partner. The barista that gave out the personal information lost his job, and the partner who's personal information was given out ended up having to change numbers and get a restraining order on the customer.


Yeah, just FYI: It is ILLEGAL to give a coworker’s information to a customer.

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I made my server cry



I went out to dinner tonight with some friends after my shift at my restaurant. There were 8 of us.

My friends have all learned valuable lessons from me on dining etiquette. They are always polite to the hostess, the server, bartenders, managers and anybody else they deal with - or suffer my wrath. And I’ll tell you good people that my wrath, when not chained to keeping my job, is a significant problem for somebody to deal with.

 But it wasn’t an issue. I chatted with the hostess while we waited for a table - because as a reasonable human being I understand that a party of 8 may have to wait. My friends understand these things as well.

Then we were sat. The server was a nice girl, very pleasant. Most of us ordered steaks - being at a steakhouse and all.

Out of 5 steaks, 5 weren’t cooked like we asked. Well shit. It happens though, so we sent them back. No swearing, no bitching, no nastiness. You would swear we were decent fucking human beings. You’d be right.

We wait patiently for our steaks to come out. Our server, being apologetic as all getout trying to salvage a tip out of this debacle (clearly not knowing who she’s dealing with) brings us our steaks again.

4 of the 5 are wrong again. I ask the server to take them back, but this time make new steaks because there’s only so many times they can be pulled off the grill and put back on before they turn to leather.

She takes them back and sends a manager over. The manager is nice about the whole thing, my friend explains to her we aren’t upset at all. No worries. It happens.

Server comes back and this time they get it right. We’re all happy once more.

Then the bill comes. For whatever otherworldly reason, the manager decided to comp all but our alcohol. Meaning for 7 of us the bill was about $59. Meaning our poor server was expecting (best case) about a $12 tip. We sat and talked a while.

The server collected the check (we figured it out) and told us to have a good night - and apologized again.

She came back in tears. We took the money we would’ve paid for the steaks and just gave it to her instead - plus the regularly planned tip. We were expecting to spend it anyway, so why the hell not? She ended up getting about $130.

Made somebody’s night. Bet you were expecting something different, weren’t you?


This is fantastic, I would have done the same thing

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So my anon actually reminded me of a story from when I worked at the craft store. We had recently started the “store of the future” program, and had our new replenishment manager.

Our A/C was broken….again. It was a warm summer morning in Southern California, and the store wasn’t open yet so there was no air flow. However many bodies in the store stocking, no A/C lifting heavy boxes trying to work quickly and no water resulted in a very exhausted me.

I had a tank top on under my work shirt, the store wasn’t open, and David had his work shirt off and was wearing an undershirt. I decided to take my work shirt off, I was working by myself and the store wasn’t open. 

Replenishment manager walks by and says, “Oh I didn’t know we were working in our underwear”

Yeah. She said that.

I am a D cup, which honestly isn’t excessively large and it’s not like you could even see my bra.

She walked away and came back a few minutes later and told me I HAD to put my shirt back on.

I explained to her why I had it off, and it was too hot for me to be working without getting light headed and I didn’t want to be “unproductive” by getting water. I told her the shirt would go back on but I wasn’t buttoning it.

She walked away again, and a few minutes later I heard the air kick on. It wasn’t much but it did help (since it was just cool air not actual A/C). And after that day up until the day I quit we had cool air every morning when we stocked. We were also allowed to have water.