Reasons Your Cashier Hates You

**This is a retail RANT blog** I've been in retail for almost seven years, I've seen a lot and people still surprise me. I have a potty mouth, so if that is an issue I don't recommend you follow my blog. I work at a book store. I love asks and submissions!


call STARBUCKS corporate
and tell them how
their store in the BARNES AND NOBLE "refused" to make the pour-over that they did not have the physical capability to make in the first place

you go on and do that 
good luck

It’s confusing in my area because apparently there’s a store near me with an actual Starbucks in it.

mizmustang asked: I found an app called viki that has a bunch of Korean dramas. It's got ads that you can skip kinda like with YouTube, otherwise it's like $4 for a membership. Thought I'd let you know since you told me about Dr. Jin. :)


Bless you, you beautiful soul

When I try to interact with my gecko….sure she walks on my hand but aside from that she doesn’t want much to do with me. But as soon as I lay down on my bed she gives me this sad look like “hey why did you go away?”

Anon: “i want to show you a youtube link but i don’t know how since you cant send links via ask. it’s the cellblock tango but waitress version. i feel like the cashiers should do their own version !”

I agree!!!


Shout out to the lady who ignored my deer in the headlights expression and continued to ask me questions about flowers as she walked away.




I am done speaking with squirrels - Vine by JEROME JARRE


(via songoscaresmiroku)

the-multifandom-minion asked: So I was wondering, does it annoy baristas when you order off the "secret menu" because some of it sounds really good, but I know your jobs are tough and I don't want to make your job any harder... Have a great day!




If you provide the recipe instead of simply saying “Hi can I have a skinny-caramel-cotton-candy-mocha-fun-time-butter-beer-twilight-fairy-dust-candy-crush-swirl-latte” then I don’t mind. If you can say exactly what you want upon ordering, without rolling your eyes or getting annoyed because I’ve never heard of your Starbucks fan-fiction drink, then I will happily make it for you. 

"Starbucks fan-fiction drink" is my new favorite term. Thank you.

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